Truth and compassion speak louder than cynicism and sarcasm


I have a distaste for sarcasm, cynicism and dark humor that ridicules and creates disconnection. This does not mean I have no sense of humor, I don’t use my mind “creatively” or I take things too personal.

Some people believe that using sarcasm is a way to cope with circumstances out of our control or bring humor to a situation, in which we may feel helpless or emotionally numb.

The truth is, however, when people communicate on social media or in personal conversation using sarcasm and cynicism, they are feeling insecure and trying to be clever or more superior to others.

Their own insecurity and inability to feel or have their feelings validated by those around them is diverted into showing off their charismatic flair for words and creative “wit”. Sarcasm is not a sign of creative intelligence – it’s a subtle form of bullying.

The energy of truth and compassion speaks louder than sarcasm and cynicism.

The energy of truth and compassion is sincere, simple in nature and has no need for sardonic, sarcastic undertones or complex, fancy, hostile words that are aimed to hurt. (“Sarcasm” can be traced back to the Greek verb sarkazein, which initially meant “to tear flesh like a dog.”)


george orwell


Truth and compassion help us to connect, not disconnect.

What we send out through social media and in all our communication channels creates a vibration – an energy – it is more powerful (helpful or harmful) than many of us realise.

Before commenting, posting or re-posting on social media let us ask ourselves this simple question;

Does my message and choice of words support connection or disconnection?

Let us not be afraid to call out sarcasm for what it is – a subtle, yet harmful form of abuse, bullying, insecurity, insensitivity and lack of compassion.

copyright © 2018 Jaymie Elder


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