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Hi, I’m Jaymie. I am a soul journey guide and artist, creating and sharing through my paintings, photographs and writing. I have a background in graphic design, counseling and combining work with children, nature and the arts.

I have been dedicated and committed to walking my own healing, creative soul path since early 2001. I put together this website as a platform for me to share my soul journey, offer support and some of my creative gifts with you.

I believe the greatest gift we have to give the world, is that of our own self-transformation. I feel that our personal, inner work of healing and growing is the most important, beneficial journey we can take in this life….not only for ourselves, but for all people, our ancestors, future generations and Mother Earth.

I have a strong heart and soul connection with Mother Earth, which I nurture and nourish everyday and as often as possible. I love to support people to connect with the magic and beauty of nature, through my paintings and photographs. Ever since I was a child I loved to draw. I also remember feeling endlessly inspired and connected to the magic of nature around me.

I am inspired by the experiences of my own personal healing journey and my life on the road with my companions, Juerg Dreamturtle and our dog Cento Cavalli. Together, we spend as much time as possible in nature where we love to gather and use seasonal wild plants, berries, herbs, mushrooms for cooking as well as for medicine.

In this evolutionary time, I am dedicated to supporting others to heal and grow towards embodying their authentic self and a life in harmony with their heart and soul being. I offer Soul Sessions/intuitive guidance in person and internationally (via Skype/Telegram/Messenger).


About Rainbowtree Woman

The Rainbowtree Woman is about balance and harmony between the Spirit world and Mother Earth. She represents a deep connection with the intuitive wisdom of our soul.

The Rainbowtree Woman is my soul guide and guardian angel. I connect with her for inspiration, wisdom and courage to walk my authentic soul path. She supports my ongoing transformation as well as my spiritual work with men and women to heal, grow and embrace the Sacred Feminine in our heart, body and all of life.

I was guided to illustrate the Rainbowtree Woman about 13 years ago as part of my own personal healing journey. The Rainbowtree Woman Mandala eventually grew into a series of cards depicting my own nature photographs and animal paintings.


*  *  *

“Rainbowtree Woman is a messenger for Spirit and Mother Earth.
She supports us to connect with our Soul and the
Sacred Feminine in nature, our heart, body and life.
She encourages us to focus our attention on our inner world
of intuitive messages, feelings, visions and dreams.
She represents the Soul Journey of healing, transformation
and embodying the Sacred Feminine in all life.”

– Jaymie Elder

*  *  *


What is “Soul Work”

& why do you call yourself a “Soul Journey Guide”?

The greatest gift we have to give the world, is that of our own self-transformation. This involves not “eliminating” the dark by only focusing on “the light”… *in truth, this does not work*… but transforming the dark/shadow within ourselves, through awareness, forgiveness, compassion and love.

For me, the term “soul work” fits this process of many cycles – or spirals 🙂 – we move in and out of, on our spiritual journey.

Our shadow is made up of the parts of self we hide, judge and consider unlovable or unworthy of love. If we do not acknowledge our shadow, we can remain “stuck” in fear, anger and old limiting patterns (wounds) of the past. “Everyone carries a shadow,” Carl Jung wrote, “and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life the blacker and denser it is.”


FEATURED POST: “The Soul Journey is not about outside appearances.”


Soul work is an ongoing, transformative, unglamorous and often very difficult process of working with the core truth in ourselves, our relationships, our life and the world. It is bringing awareness (light) to our wounded (shadow) parts of self. If we remain open, humble and heart centred – the awakening process we each move through will help us to relinquish our masks (protection) and journey deeper into our core wounds of this lifetime and others.

Just like the seed that waits in the darkness of the earth, within our core wounds lies the potential for transformation, healing and new growth. By transforming our core wounds/shadow with love, conscious awareness and compassion, we discover a deeper sense of love and authenticity in who we are. We become more open to recognise the true purpose of our journey.

*  *  *

I believe we are all here to grow through our own unique personal lessons
and life challenges. For myself, living an authentic life from the heart and soul
means to continually choose transformation, healing and growth
over self-limiting beliefs, stagnation and what is “known” to us.

I am deeply committed to my Soul Journey
of healing and growing – first and foremost. I am very much committed
to do whatever it takes to overcome my own resistances
and reach deeper levels of unconscious wounds –
waiting to be transformed through love, compassion and wisdom. 

I believe that our soul work of healing and growing
is the most important, beneficial part of our journey
we can devote ourselves to in this life… not only for ourselves,
but for all our relationships (past, present and future)
and Mother Earth.

– Jaymie Elder

*  *  *

Read more, about The Soul Purpose of our Journey

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      Very pleased you have signed up to receive my future updates. At this time, I don’t have a specific setup for you to buy my artwork or a newsletter. But this is something I would love to develop in the near future.

      Thanks alot for your encouragement and support!

      Much love, Jaymie


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