A message & sharing for 12.12.2022

Today is 12 / 12 / 2022…
A very significant day in astrology, about wholeness and completion and a day I feel like sharing the story of how my “Full Cold Moon Photo” happened. It’s really a very simple story, about following our intuition, heart, body and soul to experience magic and divine timing. But somehow the message feels significant to what is being asked of us, at this moment in time…

On the evening before the Cold Full Moon, I left the house knowing that she would rise over the mountains somewhere between 4.30pm and 5pm…

Orginally, in my mind I “thought” I needed to climb up higher to find the “perfect view”…So, I took a path into the forest (I didn’t really want to take it because I knew it was quite rough and steep)…I walked for some time, taking it slowly as I always do…After a while, I was blessed to see a beautiful male Chamois run over my path and hear his call…However, at some stage, my body started to feel tired…I crouched down in the snow and poured myself a chaga chai from my thermos 😊…Still after my chai, it just didn’t feel right to go on…So, I turned back…

I decided instead to collect some pine cones and tree foliage for our home christmas decorations. I had stopped thinking about the moon rising, even though, every now and then, I had a stunning view of the mountains and the beautiful changing light through a momentary forest clearing. Eventually, my forest path ended. Carrying my new gifts from the forest, I made my way back home along a road to our home…I felt happy and relaxed…

I JUST arrived at our front entrance – HOME! I looked towards the mountains in the distance and then saw magnificent Grandmother Moon rising over one of my favourite mountains…

I was stunned! 😲 I could not believe the magical, divine timing. It felt very powerful to see and experience the moon this way from our new home. Knowing that I had chosen to listen and follow my body and heart and not push myself with my mind, made me feel even happier!..

A wonderful confirmation in true BEING, trusting my feelings and really in flow & harmony with the magic surrounding me…

Wishing you all a beautiful day, of listening and following the SUBTLE intuitive messages of your body, heart and soul. 💓


5 thoughts on “A message & sharing for 12.12.2022

  1. The moon always seems at distance in my part of the World. The West Wales, UK coast. One evening, however, I was driving up the hill after a very stressful long shift work day at the hospital. Came to the brow and saw the moon virtually fill the immediate sky. I felt I could reach out and touch it. My stressful day changed to one of delight in an instant. Not sure if it was an optical moon illusion. But it truly mattered at that given moment. Beautiful photograph and story here. Thank you. All the best.

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    1. Wow! That’s a very beautiful story and sounds like a moment that has always stayed with you! So was that right on the coast? (Always wanted to visit your part of the world and connect with my ancestry)….I think that past and last full moon of the year will be a moment that stays with me too. But I talked to a local man who said that I should see that quite often here! 🙏🙏🙏

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      1. It is on the coast. Travelling north from Aberystwyth towards home. The hospital on the main road is low and the road climbs and suddenly hits that brow. So the moon sat low in the North. There are many around us that do attend Solstice events. I would love to take the VeeDub Bus down to the dunes and sit and take in the moments that materialise. Your own insights are really lovely reads. They sit well with the local community philosophy that surrounds here. Near to Machynlleth (Corris) has the Centre of Alternative Technology. The whole spirit towards a re-settling aim for Mother Nature is very much alive and contains many ‘Earth Pathways’ values. Thank you for your reply. All the best.

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      2. It’s beautiful to know a bit more about your home! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! We lived in our camper (Fiat Hobbie) for 9 years in Europe permanently!🙏 We are only just settling back into a different way of living here in the mountains of Switzerland! We still have our camper in Italy and we just came back from 2 nights in it. Love the simplicity and I also enjoyed reading about your VW bus! 😍🤗🙏


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